Together with you we want to send a message of hope, concretely supporting those who work and fight every day to guarantee our health, our future and that of our children: doctors, nurses, health employees.  

We chose to support the “Santa Maria Goretti” hospital in Latina, the territorial health coordination center for the COVID-19 emergency.

collaborating in the fundraising of some associations engaged in our territory:
– Associazione Valentina Onlus
– AIDO Sezione Provinciale Latina
– AVO Associazione Volontari Ospedalieri Onlus
– LILT Latina

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to Varaldo di Pietro Foundation to support and partecipate in our project.

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Donations will be equally shared between the Associations

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Funds raised to date: € 8.407,00

Fondazione Di Pietro € 8.000,00Stefania F. € 20,00
Stefano D. € 2,00Fabrizio G. € 1,00
Laura G. € 1,00Stefania C. € 10,00
Piero R. € 50,00Chiara L. € 2,00
Antonio P. € 10,00Rosalba C. € 1,00
Enrico F. € 10,00Marina D. € 200,00
Daniela F. € 100,00

Or you can support the associations by donating to:

Raccolta fondi per l’acquisto di materiale sanitario.
IBAN: IT98H0200814707000102085404

AIDO Sezione Provinciale Latina
Contributo materiale per coronavirus.
IBAN: IT 55S0760114700000010887040

AVO ODV Latina
Acquisto di materiale sanitario per l’Ospedale Santa Maria Goretti.
IBAN: IT84B0100514700000000000342

LILT Latina
Emergenza Coronavirus Ospedale Santa Maria Goretti.
IBAN: IT54C0200814707000400980181
Banco Posta: IT14X0760114700000011027042