According to its statutory purposes, through which it aims to promote and conduct initiatives of any nature in the field of sports but also leisure activities and tourism, cultural, recreational and social, the “Foundation Varaldo Di Pietro – Mecenate dello Sport “has planned a series of activities carried out the year 2018.

The first of these consisted of support for Special Olympics International, the organization that deals with training programs and sports competitions for the integration of people with mental disabilities. On the occasion of the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Special Olympics International, which took place in Chicago from 17 to 22 July, the Foundation donated fonds to allow disabled athletes to participate in sporting events.

The Foundation’s initiative is in according with the collaboration already started with Special Olympics Italy and internationally.

The most important event promoted by the association is the “Mecenate dello Sport” award, which aims to award prizes to entrepreneurs, managers, athletes and sports representatives who have distinguished themselves for having contributed actively to the growth of the sport and its most important and universal values. In recent editions, the event has grown considerably, taking on an international dimension, and the goal is to maintain a very high level both in terms of the award winning subject and the organization and the media response of the event. The prize aims to enhance the true and more genuine values of sport understood as a metaphor of life and teaching for the youngest, in which sacrifice, commitment, loyalty, respect for others and rules, the competitive tension as a stimulus for achieving important results, can represent valuable models of reference. The award ceremony took place on October 18, in the Salone of Honor of the Coni in Rome. The award was given to Lavinia Biagiotti Cigna representing the Maison of which she is president.

On 2 August the Foundation participated in the organization of a concert in the island of Ponza, with the Italian American rocker Joe D’Urso and his band. It was a particular initiative, open to the public and non-profit, which renewed the link between the Pontine island and the artist, who has its origins in Ponza where their ancestors lived.

Another activity planned by the Foundation for 2018 was held in the summer, on the date of 14 July: the evening concert, in which the singer Peppino Di Capri celebrated his 60 years of career and paid tribute to the maestro Orazio Di Pietro, an unforgettable musician who taught and loved music to entire generations of Latina, at the same time representing an artist very appreciated both in Italy and internationally. This activity took another important moment, when on 7 December the Foundation promoted the naming of the Sala del Circolo Cittadino to the maestro Orazio Di Pietro. On this occasion a plaque was discovered and a concert was held.

In October 2018, the Foundation took part in another important event: the inauguration in Latina of the first monument, in Italy and in Europe, dedicated to sports “fair play“.

In October 2019 the Monument to Inclusion commissioned by our Foundation and created by the artist Giovanna Campoli with the intent to commemorate and celebrate the figure of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of Special Olympics, was inaugurated at the San Marco Park in Latina (ITALY), ten years after her death.
The ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Latina Damiano Coletta, the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli, the President of the “Varaldo Di Pietro” Foundation Giovanni Di PietroSamuel Kennedy Shriver, Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s nephew representing the Kennedy Shriver family and the Vice President of Special Olympics Italia, Alessandro Palazzotti.


It will be assigned Eng. Piero Ferrari (Vice President of Ferrari), the Mecenate Dello Sport award – “Varaldo Di Pietro”, 2021. The award ceremony will take place in Rome on the 29th of September at 11:00 am in the Coni’s Hall of Honor at the Foro Italico. The ceremony will be attended by Giovanni Malagò (President of Coni), Giovanni Di Pietro (President of the Varaldo Di Pietro Foundation) and many others prestigious guests from the world of sport and journalism.…

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Massimo Ranieri live

SABATO 17 LUGLIO / CONI ARENA. LATINA (ITA) The Varaldo Di Pietro Foundation in collaboration with the Eleomai Association and the patronage of the Municipality of Latina is organizing a great show of solidarity for the summer of 2021, special guest MASSIMO RANIERI with his show Sogno e Son Desto. The appointment was strongly desired by the Di Pietro Foundation and its president Giovanni Di Pietro who has always been dedicated to the themes of inclusion and solidarity (Mecenate dello…

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Shriver Society Special Olympics Fondazione Varaldo Di Pietro

Thank you

It’s a great honor for the Foundation to announce the entry into the prestigious “Shriver Society”, reserved for a selected group of Special Olympics’ donors. Thanks to all the staff of Special Olympics for this great recognition!

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#LatinaSolidale grazie

More than 8.000 euro raised

The Foundation Varaldo Di Pietro want to thank those who wanted to share the #LatinaSolidale project and made a donation. The 8,407.00 euros raised were donated to these associations: – Associazione Valentina Onlus– AIDO Sezione Provinciale Latina– AVO Associazione Volontari Ospedalieri Onlus– LILT Latina Each contribution is very important and precious considering the period of health emergency that we are going through.

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Together with you we want to send a message of hope, concretely supporting those who work and fight every day to guarantee our health, our future and that of our children: doctors, nurses, health employees.   We chose to support the “Santa Maria Goretti” hospital in Latina, the territorial health coordination center for the COVID-19 emergency.

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Unveiling of monument in honour of Eunice Kennedy Shriver

The Monument to Inclusion commissioned by our Foundation and created by the artist Giovanna Campoli with the intent to commemorate and celebrate the figure of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, founder of Special Olympics, was inaugurated at the San Marco Park in Latina (ITALY), ten years after her death.

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Javier Zanetti received the “Mecenate dello Sport” 2019

An important and prestigious award for Javier Zanetti. The Nerazzurri Vice President received the “Varaldo Di Pietro” Patron of Sport prize for 2019 in the Executive Hall of San Siro, with the award sponsored by the Italian National Olympic Committee and the National Order of Journalists.

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“Zanetti a true model in terms of sport style, both in field and out”, as said by Gianni Di Pietro president of the “Varaldo Di Pietro” Foundation

The landscapes have changed, as have the protagonists and the scale of the event, but the ‘Mecenate dello Sport’ has never given up its beliefs and faith in its tenets: that of adequately recognising the contributions of those men and women who encapsulate the highest values in the sporting world in all its various forms.

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Zanetti, a model of Life

He is a truly champion in and out of the field. Always a supporter of the Inclusion Revolution, starting with sport. Javier Zanetti, historic Inter captain has always participated in inclusive activities, not only about sport, since 2011 when he was the Campaign against Discrimination testimonial.

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