Together for sports and solidarity

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Fair play, solidarity and integration

Di Pietro Foundation

The Varaldo Di Pietro Foundation was established in 2016 on the initiative of entrepreneur Giovanni Di Pietro and is named after his father Varaldo, a pioneer in sports. Varaldo dedicated his life with immense commitment and passion to the growth and dissemination of noble and popular sports such as cycling and athletics, both in the city of Latina and at the national level. The primary objective of the Foundation is to promote a culture of solidarity by fostering its core values, including through the implementation of inclusive projects that promote the social integration of all diversities. Among its many activities, the Foundation sponsors the “Mecenate dello Sport – Varaldo Di Pietro” Award, which has been awarded for over 10 years to those who have made an essential contribution to the growth of sports and the exaltation of its universal values, both through the practice of sports disciplines and through socially valuable and supportive activities.


The Di Pietro Foundation is a non-profit association whose mission is to contribute to the construction of an inclusive society through the power of sports, fair play, and solidarity, to promote the social integration of all diversities.

Our Project

Help us realize our next important inclusion project for the opening of a coffee shop together with special individuals who teach us how to live.