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The Di Pietro Foundation was founded in 2016 and brings the name of the person who inspired the values of this association: Varaldo (Aldo) Di Pietro. He accompanied the development of Latina with his commitment to sport and social issues, after the post-war period, marking some important milestones in the social and sporting history of the city of Latina, as well as having contributed with its action to growth, even at the national level, of noble and popular sports such as cycling and athletics.

Varaldo and his family is a story full of values, and passion for sport and social commitment

To provide continuity and give further strength and vigor to this beautiful family history, the entrepreneur Giovanni Di Pietro established this Foundation. The promotion of the culture of solidarity and values linked to sport, both nationally and internationally, developing and implementing projects and interventions in the field of cooperation, solidarity and social, cultural and sporting promotion, also together with other subjects operating in these areas and share our values.

Varaldo (Aldo) Di Pietro

In 1987 he returned to the cycling, beginning an important collaboration with Francesco Moser, a charismatic character, engaged in social activities, so much so that in the last years of his life he helped children of Kenya with distance adoptions. Aldo Di Pietro died in Latina on 19 October 1993. He remained a great example of dedication to sport and social issues for his city, and not only.

Varaldo Di Pietro was a symbol of sport and at the same time of great love for its land. Tireless and competent sports manager, pioneer of the modern organization of events, Di Pietro is also remembered for his enthusiasm, ability to get together and for his commitment in favor of sport, qualities inherited from his father, the Knight of the Republic Alcibiades Di Pietro, pioneer of reclamation, creator and animator of cycling sport in the province of Latina.

Born June 14, 1925, he embraced sports as a child practicing athletics and boxing. After the war he organized the first cycling races in Latina and, together with the family, Aldo Di Pietro collaborated in the birth of the great national professional competitions. He became a friend, among others, of the great champion Fausto Coppi.

In 1959 Aldo took the technical direction of the national amateur cycling team for participating in the International Tour of Tunisia and in 1960 he collaborated in the organization of the Rome Olympics for velodrome cycling competitions.

In 1970 he returned to track and field and then directed the Latina basketball Club, with a movement of about a thousand young people.

In the 1980s he organized important national basketball tournaments and after various commitments as a football manager, he became president of the U.S. Latina.

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