In the presence of the Mayor of Latina Damiano Coletta and a large audience, on December the 7th the ceremony of the “Sala Orazio Di Pietro” entitle was held at the Circolo Cittadino di Latina.

The famous musician and music teacher has returned to his home and will remain there for future memory for those who will pass through here in twenty years” highlight the mayor in his speech when the plaque was discovered at the entrance of the concert hall.

The President of the Varaldo Di Pietro Foundation, Giovanni Di Pietro, was moved, recalling how this act came about in memory of Orazio

“With a journey that began two years ago with a private event that took place last summer with the great Peppino concert Di Capri organized in collaboration with the Eleomai Association chaired by Alfredo Romano and with the future commitment of the Foundation presided over by me to perpetuate the memory of Orazio Di Pietro with other cultural initiatives

After the screening of the short film: “Si dice giaz!” the life and music of Orazio Di Pietro was traced by a musical tribute offered by Erasmo Bencivenga, Nicola Borrelli, Giorgio Raponi, Vincenzo Bianchi , Giorgio Capurso, Marco Lo Russo, Line Masithela, Andrea Montecalvo, Stefano Raponi, Simone Sabatino, Luca Teson, Cinzia Montana, Natino Giardina, Josè Cucciardi who took turns on stage dedicating, each of them, a piece to Orazio Di Pietro.